Coleman: Will Alex Smith prosper in KC under Reid?


By Michael Coleman, Sports Director

Trading for Alex Smith is a sign that the the Kansas City Chiefs are moving forward in “thinking out the box” where the quarterback is concerned. 

Some may argue Smith had similar career numbers as Matt Cassel.  While that is the case, you can’t overlook the interception margin.

In eight seasons, Cassel has thrown  22 interceptions more than Smith, and Smith’s good years have come in the last two seasons. 

In 2012, he had San Fransisco a win away from the Super  Bowl.  The turnover that sealed the team’s fate was a fumble by an offensive player whose name is not Smith. 

There has to be a trust factor when it comes to the most important position on the team.  Once coaches begin to trust the quarterback, it is a statement that the overall team will respect. 

Smith, like Cassel, saw a revolving door of head coaches and offensive coordinators.  He has also prospered under Jim Harbaugh.  However, will he do the same under Andy Reid? 

If his mind is right and he stays focused to deliver why he is in Kansas City, it could pay dividends.

What Smith has to understand is that the rabid Chiefs fan base is salivating for a successful quarterback.  If Smith can overcome fans who have him on a short lease and delivers prosperity in timely fashion, they will buy him a slab of ribs and will be patient with him as long as they see a turning of the corner when it comes to wins.


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