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The Wait is Over. Fisher Selected #1
April 26, 2013

     In case you’re just checking in, the Chiefs selected Eric Fisher with their #1 Pick. Fisher is a tackle out of Central Michigan. Many predicted Fisher as the Chiefs top pick, but the team waited until all 10 minutes had expired on the clock. But you may be surprised to hear, it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. The Chiefs say they had their man with plenty of time on the clock, they just had a tough time getting ahold of him. Chalk it up to bad reception? Maybe.


Here’s a look at the Top 10:

#1 Eric Fisher OT                   Kansas City     (Central Michigan)

#2 Luke Joeckel OT              Jacksonville   (Texas A&M)

#3 Dion Jordan OLB             Miami                (Oregon)

#4 Lane Johnson OT            Philadelphia      (Oklahoma)

#5 Ezekiel Ansah DE            Detroit                (BYU)

#6 Barkevious Mingo DE    Cleveland           (LSU)

#7 Jonathan Cooper OG     Arizona                (UNC)

#8 Tavon Austin WR            St. Louis               (West Virginia)

#9 Dee Milliner CB               NY Jets                (Alabama)

#10 Chance Warmack OG    Tennessee          (Alabama)      


Coleman: Local Guys Hope to be Drafted
April 25, 2013

By Michael Coleman, KCTV5 Sports Director


     The Chiefs aren’t the only ones generating draft excitement, home-grown talent hope their names are called.  

     Mizzou has 6 players who are likely to hear their name called, leading the way is Sheldon  Richardson. K-State’s hopes lie in QB Colin Klein, though he’s expected to be drafted as a tightend.  His teammates LB Arthur Brown and WR Chris Harper could sneak in and hear their names called today, on this 1st day of the draft.  Tanner Hawkinson and Bradley Mcdougald, despite KU’s football futility, are talented enough that they’ve drawn attention from the scouts. Missouri Western, a proud MIAA member has a player that could surprise and get the call from the draft, David Bass.  And how about Western Michigan QB Alex Carder? He prepped at Shawnee Mission Northwest and although he played on a limited basis his senior year, he had a stellar junior season, guiding the broncos to a bowl game and rallying his team against Purdue before losing by five points.  He’s made visits to the New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals…they don’t bring you in if they’re not interested.   

     Best of luck to all these guys in Kansas City’s backyard!

Coleman: The Great Debate
April 24, 2013

By Michael Coleman, KCTV5 Sports Director


      Come Thursday NFL Draft day if it comes down to Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher both have pretty good attitudes heading to the next level.  Joeckel of Texas A&M says he doesn’t expect to the number one pick.  Perhaps he’s softening the blow if he’s not, he would go on to say that he just wants to be in the league.  It doesn’t matter to him.  That’s one take.

       Eric Fisher from Central Michigan is proud to represent the MAC, their biggest name NFL player is Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers. Fisher says he wants to be the top pick and that it would be an honor.  That stance says right away that he can handle pressure, because whoever is the top overall pick will feel pressure. 

      Pressure is what incumbent offensive tackle Branden Albert is feeling he wants a long term deal and is unwilling to move over to the right side of the Chiefs offensive line. Makes you wonder about his attitude, the new guy (if KC drafts Joeckel or  Fisher) will  hope to learn from the veteran, but you have to think if Albert is unwilling to play ball could he become a negative influence?

       Sure his feelings are hurt but let’s face it, it’s the NFL where feelings are secondary, especially if you’re using a wheelbarrow to deposit your money as Albert is.

     This business of the league is and can be cold.  Hopefully the new fresh face drafted on Thursday understands quickly that being a team player sometimes come at a price.  Albert’s discovering that too late in his career.

Coleman: Countdown to Draft Day
April 17, 2013

by Michael Coleman, KCTV5 Sports Director


    On Thursday April 25th it’ll be Christmas for NFL teams but perhaps none more so than the Chiefs.  The offensive line is expected to get a boost, with or without Branden Albert. But it’ll be what the Chiefs do later in the draft that will be the reason for a portion of their success.

  Finding gems in late rounds is what GM John Dorsey is known for, just ask Green Bay who benefitted from his input on previous draft days. Greg Jennings was a find, Aaron Rodgers although a number one, wasn’t on too many draft boards.  Dorsey’s been very active during the off season not sure if the guy gets much sleep. But it’s already paying off, all of the players except for Albert are attending the voluntary workouts.

  Being the best doesn’t start during the summer training camps, it all begins now and with the draft creeping up it’ll certainly be part of the finishing touch needed. So after the early rounds look for the Chiefs to scour the playing field in later rounds for the future pro bowler.  

Getting to Know the Prospects
April 15, 2013

     You’ll want to tune in to KCTV5 Sports tomorrow (Monday, April 15th) as our coverage of the NFL Draft continues.

     Michael Coleman will introduce you to one of this year’s prospects, Alex Carder. Carder, a KC Native played quarterback at Western Michigan and he’s already had a workout with the Chiefs.


Here’s how Carder stacks up:

Alex Carder (QB)

Shawnee Mission Northwest/Western Michigan

6’2″, 216 lb

40yd- 4.9 seconds

Vertical- 33″

College Career: 8,886 yds. passing, 74 touchdowns, 36 interceptions


We’ll have much more on Carder and what he can expect come April 25th, tomorrow on KCTV5 News at 6, 9 & 10pm.

Clopton: Trading Down from the Top
April 12, 2013

chiefs logo1

By: Abby Clopton, Sports Producer

     Like many of you, I’m counting down the seconds until the Chiefs make that 1st pick in a couple weeks. As I’m writing this there are 13 days and a handful of minutes until that April 25th deadline. Of course on the right of your screen you can see the countdown in real time.

     I know patience is a virtue, but I don’t like to be kept waiting and you can bet that on April 25th, if 7:10pm rolls around and the Chiefs haven’t made that 1st pick, I’ll be pretty upset. Trading down doesn’t seem to be what Chiefs Nation wants and hey, we’re all a little impatient. It seems congruent with the Chiefs new era to continue making big moves and using that #1 pick.  And let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all like to see another big move?

     Taking an offensive tackle is viewed as a safe pick, but if they opt for a guy not named Joeckel or Fisher, is there anyone else fans would be happy with in that top pick? I don’t think so. Thanks to the addition of Alex Smith, the cries for a quarterback have quieted down and that’s fortunate for the Chiefs since this is one of the weakest QB classes in recent years.

     At this point, if the Chiefs take anyone with that 1st pick, it’ll surely be A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher out of Central Michigan. That’s because there may not be another option. Without a 2nd round pick, the Chiefs could try and trade down in the 1st round, but is there another team that will want that 1st overall pick. Probably not, because the Chiefs aren’t the only ones that have noticed this draft class is weak all the way around.

     So come April 25th, I bet the Chiefs give their guy a fancy new hat before 7:15pm. And if they trade down, I’ll be more impatient than ever, but also impressed they found someone to take that 1st pick off their hands.


Abby Clopton has been the Sports Producer at KCTV5 since December 2011. She previously covered the Chiefs and their Wichita fanbase for 5 years while working as the Sports Producer at KAKE, the ABC affiliate in Wichita, KS. If you have a story idea for Abby, you can email her at Follow her on twitter @CLOPTONKCTV5.

Fanning: The Chiefs need Lilja to return
April 11, 2013


By: Brad Fanning Sports Anchor/Reporter

Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star reported that the Kansas City Chiefs have talked with offensive lineman about playing next season.

Teicher is money.  If he reports it, it’s the truth.

Lilja retired last year after spending the final three years of his career with his home town team.

I’ve said for some time now that the Chiefs have big time issues on the offensive line, and the fact that they’re contacting Lilja confirms it.

It should also confirm that no matter who they draft, it is going to be an offensive lineman.  It has to be.

The Chiefs have two centers on the roster right now.

Bryan Mattison, a converted college defensive lineman that is more of a special teams player, and Rodney Hudson.

Hudson is the guy the Chiefs project as their center of the future.  But Hudson suffered a significant leg injury last year and his future is in question.

Based on this, I think that is why the Chiefs have reached out to Lilja. He filled in and did an adequate job despite never playing center in his life.

The other reason they need Lilja is because the Chiefs don’t have a second round draft pick.  They traded that pick to the 49ers in the Alex Smith deal.

There is a very good chance that the top two centers in the draft, Wisconsin’s Travis Frederick and Alabama’s Barrett Jones, will be gone by the time the Chiefs pick 63rd (1st pick in the 3rd round).

So If the Chiefs can talk Lilja into coming back for one more year and being the “bridge” at center until Hudson fully recovers, that is a huge hole in the dam that gets plugged.

The drafting of either Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel to play right tackle with the No. 1 overall pick takes care of another.

If Jeff Allen can do the job at left guard the the Chiefs have a fighting chance.  But it all hinges on the return of Lilja.

Coleman: April 25th just around the corner
April 9, 2013


By Michael Coleman, Sports Director

Come April 25th, the Kansas City Chiefs will no longer be on the clock for the that overall No. 1 draft pick.  They need an offensive tackle, like Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher, that can fit the bill right away. 

Branden Albert has made his case.  He wants to know what the Chiefs plans are, but as of now, there’s a deal to trade him away for two draft picks.

While draft picks are iffy and based on potential, this deal would be a steal for any team who wants to step up. 

But it is easy to fill that need early.  It’ll be the later rounds where the Chiefs will find their fortune, a little known product from College U who played against lesser opponents but was dominant.  That sounds like Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher, scouts say between him and Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel it’s a toss up. 

The only slight on Fisher is the lesser competition he played against compared to Joeckel’s SEC bloodline.

A good offensive tackle will cost you, and it should.  After all, they’re counted on to block the blindside of the quarterback who is the franchise. 

The Chiefs have been aggressive in free agency acquiring depth and a starting quarterback in Alex Smith.  But that’s not enough, and this is where the brain trust of Andy Reid and john Dorsey will  have to earn their money and their reputation as talent evaluators.

In a few weeks, we’ll see just how much of a poker player these two are. Just imagine how the NFL Draft would be turned upside down if they drafted Geno Smith as their overall top pick.  Just sayin’.

Fanning: History won’t repeat itself
April 4, 2013


By Brad Fanning, Sports Reporter

I can remember like it was yesterday sitting in one of the posh clubs at Arrowhead Stadium on draft night in 2011.  Former Chief Rich Baldinger and I along with several hundred Chiefs fans were gathered there for the draft party.  And then the announcement came from the commish……”The Kansas City Chiefs select Jon Baldwin.  Receiver.  Pittsburgh.  With their 1st round pick.”

Huh? You gotta be $%^&(&*#* kidding me?

We all looked at each other and wondered who in the heck was this guy and why was he our 1st round draft pick.  But I also knew the Chiefs were coming off a division title and I said to myself, “Scott Pioli and these guys are NFL wonder boys.  They do things the Patriot Way.  I’m the dummy for thinking this was a ridiculous pick.”

Two years later Pioli’s out of a job and it turns out I and Chiefs nation knew a little more than the geniuses.

The John Dorsey/Andy Reid regime is off to a very good start.  Issues that were so obvious to the rest of us (quarterback/cornerback/tight end etc.) have been quickly addressed.  Pioli and his crew seemed to stubborn to admit personnel mistakes.  But Dorsey and Reid have acted quickly using trades and free agency to fix the mess left behind by Pioli.  That’s not a good thing, It’s a great thing.  It’s a refreshing thing.  It’s what Chiefs fans deserve.  So based on what we’ve seen so far from Dorsey and Reid, I think it’s reasonable to say the Chiefs will not select another Jon Baldwin with the number one pick in the NFL draft.  Death and taxes are the still the only two certainties in life, but with Dorsey and Reid making this pick instead of Pioli, I like our chances a heck of a lot better than I did two years ago.