Fanning: History won’t repeat itself


By Brad Fanning, Sports Reporter

I can remember like it was yesterday sitting in one of the posh clubs at Arrowhead Stadium on draft night in 2011.  Former Chief Rich Baldinger and I along with several hundred Chiefs fans were gathered there for the draft party.  And then the announcement came from the commish……”The Kansas City Chiefs select Jon Baldwin.  Receiver.  Pittsburgh.  With their 1st round pick.”

Huh? You gotta be $%^&(&*#* kidding me?

We all looked at each other and wondered who in the heck was this guy and why was he our 1st round draft pick.  But I also knew the Chiefs were coming off a division title and I said to myself, “Scott Pioli and these guys are NFL wonder boys.  They do things the Patriot Way.  I’m the dummy for thinking this was a ridiculous pick.”

Two years later Pioli’s out of a job and it turns out I and Chiefs nation knew a little more than the geniuses.

The John Dorsey/Andy Reid regime is off to a very good start.  Issues that were so obvious to the rest of us (quarterback/cornerback/tight end etc.) have been quickly addressed.  Pioli and his crew seemed to stubborn to admit personnel mistakes.  But Dorsey and Reid have acted quickly using trades and free agency to fix the mess left behind by Pioli.  That’s not a good thing, It’s a great thing.  It’s a refreshing thing.  It’s what Chiefs fans deserve.  So based on what we’ve seen so far from Dorsey and Reid, I think it’s reasonable to say the Chiefs will not select another Jon Baldwin with the number one pick in the NFL draft.  Death and taxes are the still the only two certainties in life, but with Dorsey and Reid making this pick instead of Pioli, I like our chances a heck of a lot better than I did two years ago.


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