Coleman: April 25th just around the corner


By Michael Coleman, Sports Director

Come April 25th, the Kansas City Chiefs will no longer be on the clock for the that overall No. 1 draft pick.  They need an offensive tackle, like Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher, that can fit the bill right away. 

Branden Albert has made his case.  He wants to know what the Chiefs plans are, but as of now, there’s a deal to trade him away for two draft picks.

While draft picks are iffy and based on potential, this deal would be a steal for any team who wants to step up. 

But it is easy to fill that need early.  It’ll be the later rounds where the Chiefs will find their fortune, a little known product from College U who played against lesser opponents but was dominant.  That sounds like Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher, scouts say between him and Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel it’s a toss up. 

The only slight on Fisher is the lesser competition he played against compared to Joeckel’s SEC bloodline.

A good offensive tackle will cost you, and it should.  After all, they’re counted on to block the blindside of the quarterback who is the franchise. 

The Chiefs have been aggressive in free agency acquiring depth and a starting quarterback in Alex Smith.  But that’s not enough, and this is where the brain trust of Andy Reid and john Dorsey will  have to earn their money and their reputation as talent evaluators.

In a few weeks, we’ll see just how much of a poker player these two are. Just imagine how the NFL Draft would be turned upside down if they drafted Geno Smith as their overall top pick.  Just sayin’.


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