Clopton: Trading Down from the Top

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By: Abby Clopton, Sports Producer

     Like many of you, I’m counting down the seconds until the Chiefs make that 1st pick in a couple weeks. As I’m writing this there are 13 days and a handful of minutes until that April 25th deadline. Of course on the right of your screen you can see the countdown in real time.

     I know patience is a virtue, but I don’t like to be kept waiting and you can bet that on April 25th, if 7:10pm rolls around and the Chiefs haven’t made that 1st pick, I’ll be pretty upset. Trading down doesn’t seem to be what Chiefs Nation wants and hey, we’re all a little impatient. It seems congruent with the Chiefs new era to continue making big moves and using that #1 pick.  And let’s be honest, wouldn’t we all like to see another big move?

     Taking an offensive tackle is viewed as a safe pick, but if they opt for a guy not named Joeckel or Fisher, is there anyone else fans would be happy with in that top pick? I don’t think so. Thanks to the addition of Alex Smith, the cries for a quarterback have quieted down and that’s fortunate for the Chiefs since this is one of the weakest QB classes in recent years.

     At this point, if the Chiefs take anyone with that 1st pick, it’ll surely be A&M’s Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher out of Central Michigan. That’s because there may not be another option. Without a 2nd round pick, the Chiefs could try and trade down in the 1st round, but is there another team that will want that 1st overall pick. Probably not, because the Chiefs aren’t the only ones that have noticed this draft class is weak all the way around.

     So come April 25th, I bet the Chiefs give their guy a fancy new hat before 7:15pm. And if they trade down, I’ll be more impatient than ever, but also impressed they found someone to take that 1st pick off their hands.


Abby Clopton has been the Sports Producer at KCTV5 since December 2011. She previously covered the Chiefs and their Wichita fanbase for 5 years while working as the Sports Producer at KAKE, the ABC affiliate in Wichita, KS. If you have a story idea for Abby, you can email her at Follow her on twitter @CLOPTONKCTV5.


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